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OVERVIEW:Prophecy Guild strives to create a mature, active, family atmosphere for our members. Dedication and respect for fellow guild mates is of the utmost importance. How we interact with one another in-game and in chat will steer what path our guild takes in the future. A good overall attitude will allow us to progress, and overcome all obstacles that we will face. The main thing is that we have fun, look out for one another, and be proud to be members of something we hope will make Prophecy an enjoyable experience for all of our members.

PARTICIPATION: Starting one month after release, EVERY Prophecy member will be required to keep up with the Message Boards. This includes Keeping your "character build" post updated and also keeping up with current guild events. If any member has not VISITED the forums for more than 30 day's they will be removed from the website and will have to re-apply. This new rule is in place to keep Officers and Leaders getting bombarded with questions during thier game time. The forums are constantly updated with the most current information on the game and the guilds direction. Its simply not fair to officers who go out of their way to keep this forum updated to constantly be hammered with questions while they are trying to lead the guild and enjoy the game. Also anyone that has not logged into the game in more than a month will be removed from the game roster. If you have a reason for not being in game or visiting the forums for a long period of time let your fellow guildies know, people do worry. We need an accurate roster so we know whats available in game, people who have been away for months are always welcome back to the guild no questions asked. **If you are going to be away for an extended period please let us know so we are aware all is well and we will see you back and please do the same if you plan on leaving the game for whatever reason**

ATTITUDE: Crying and complaining in guild chat or on the message boards will get you nowhere but out the door. We’ve seen what complaining wreaks in other guilds and we know it creates a negative atmosphere and makes the game less enjoyable for everyone. If you have an issue or problem with anything please contact one of the Leaders or Officers and speak your mind. We will do our best to resolve the issue. Remember Leaders and Officers can overlook things, we are not perfect, but we will do our best to resolve any issue in as fair manner as is possible.

MESSAGE BOARDS & DISCORD VOICE CHAT: Both of these services are here to make your gaming experience better and more enjoyable. Forming groups and eventually raids will be posted on the Message Boards. Its very important that you all visit these boards for, at the very least, a few minutes a day so you can keep up with whats going on with the Guild and its members in game. If you want to be involved with how Prophecy progresses then this is the place to be. Please try to make your name on the forums match you main characters name in game.

OFFICER ASSISTANCE: When there is an issue to be resolved and you ask for an officer’s assistance the decision will be final. You asked for the help, we ask in return that you be mature enough to deal with the solution.

PERSONAL CONDUCT: In /gu and on the forums you are expected to act in a civil manner. Yes, people will curse now and then and that’s fine when used in the right context and not taken to extreme, but please don't act like a drunken sailor in /gu. That can offend people and cause trouble. We're not looking for saints here by any means, all we're asking for is that you think before you blurt out some seriously filthy and crude language that you think may offend someone. If you have some good friends that you like to mess around with in a way you think might offend someone, the solution is simple, keep it to /tell. Racism, in any context, is strictly prohibited.

RAIDING: Prophecy is a guild that does not compromise the family atmosphere. Expect to raid or group about 3 to 4 times a week, particularly on nights when we have the best turnout. If a raid (PVP or PVE) is scheduled on the message boards or simply called in game everyone should make their best effort to attend as this helps us advance as a Guild, from the mobs we kill and the loot we acquire. If you are online when a raid is scheduled you are expected to come unless you have to log before the time needed for completion. If you consistently do not attend raids or participate in Guild events you may want to ask yourself if Prophecy is the right place for you.

PVP: Members of Prophecy will not grief other players. By griefing we mean standing at a spawn point killing players over and over until they rage quit. There are lots of ways to grief I wont point them all out here. Kill like you've been there before and move on. Don't rub it in peoples faces and you will gain more respect from the community and your guild when acting maturely in a PVP setting rather than acting like an Idiot. If its brought to the attention of the guild that a member is griefing others they will be warned, if proven guilty and the griefing persists, they will be removed from the guild. Bind camping during a siege is a differnt scenario. Because that's something we simply need to do to control a city during a siege.

AWARDED LOOT & THE GUILD BANK:No new member will have access to the Guild Bank until they have been in the Guild for a while. There is NO time limit on this rule, it is discretionary. This rule is not in place for personal reasons it is in place to protect the Guild from possible Griefers who Join just to raid banks. Please understand this rule and do NOT give officers or leaders a hard time about having access to the bank. Once you are a trusted member you will get access. If you need something from the Bank ask an officer for assistence.

ALTERNATE CHARACTERS: Every full member of Prophecy Guild will be allowed to have a single alternate character carry the Guild tag. This will be during the beginning stages of the game currently being played. Eventually all alts will be tagged, all we ask is if you do play an alt that you put your main characters name in Teamspeak3 comment so other members in the guild know who you are.

GUILD GROUPS: Guild groups (groups composed entirely of Guild members) always follow the 'Need Before Greed' (NBG) standard. This means that if an item is an upgrade for a member of a group, that member automatically gets the item. If an item is an upgrade for multiple members of a group, all the members of the group can decide how to award the loot themselves. If an item is not an upgrade for any member of a group, all the members of the group can decide what they want to do with the loot. We encourage Guild groups which acquire sought after loot to contribute unneeded loot to the Guild, but it is not mandatory. We do however support group leaders who make such a requirement mandatory for any groups they might form. Combat looting is not tolerated. The only exception is letting an officer know you need to grab more regs or arrows during a fight.

INACTIVITY:Full members inactive for 30 days will be removed from the Guild roster. They are eligible for immeadiate reinvite upon return. Recruits inactive for 15 days will be removed with the option to reapply and restart the 30 day recruitment phase once they return to the game. Removal in either case can be avoided if notification explanation of absence is given before removal. If you quit or leave the guild you will be removed from the forums and website.

RECRUITING: All Prospective members must fill out an application to join Prophecy. There is usually a waiting period before becoming a full member. This can vary due to many factors in the member voting process and how active you are on the forums, in game, and on Teamspeak.

~The Leaders and Officers of Prophecy Guild

All rules and guidelines are subject to change without prior notification as our guild progresses.

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