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This is for the NA-1 players that are new, not sure if I should post it here. Please move it if it is in the wrong forum section.

Incoming Wall of text, sorry I could not format it better. I feel like there are new players that are constantly lost as to what they need to be doing. And only a handful of people that want to acually help them.

This guide is intended for new players or low developed characters that are sort of lost as to what they think they should do in their progression. I completely rerolled to see how long it would take me to get my character to a spot where I had the freedom to do more things. By the end of the guide, my character had reached 100 Lesser Magic, 100 Greater Magic, 30 Spell Chanting, 75 Witchcraft, 50 Earth Magic, 50 sharpshooting and spirited archer, and 50 Melee mastery. I also ended with 50 Quickness, 50 Vitality, 50 Strength, 45 intelligence, and 45 wisdom.

If you are a new player, I would highly suggest that you check out Valroth’s tutorial videos on the basics of the game, as well as a few others such as those of Drifter Ironblood’s. This guide requires you to know the basics of the game, and assumes that you have the basic ropes of the game down. I suggest that you check out my resource links at the “Acknowledgement” section before you start your progression. The links will be at the very end of the guide. There are some very helpful links that will get you on your feet if you are just starting out in the world of Darkfall Online.

I would like to state that this is not by any means the fastest way to progress your character. I just thought that I would share with new players the way that I progressed my character. I also wanted to share this so that if somebody is lost as to what they need to do progression wise, then they can check with what I did. There are probably much better methods for going about doing certain things that I did. Again, I am not stating that this is the fastest way to progress your character. I would also like to state that I decided to level up earth magic because of the good self buffs in terms of low developed characters. Once you are done with the steps that I completed, you will be able to go destroy, stay hybrid, or level your spell chanting to 75 and go mage, it is all up to you. If you believe that you have an easier method, then by all means go for it. If I am covering a certain thing already mentioned in an existing guide I apologize, but hopefully it is probably some common sense stuff anyways.

If you feel that you do not want to fit schedule all of your goals around days such as I did, then feel free to ignore my Day marks, I am merely showing roughly what I did for each day of my progression, which also helped me keep track of how long it was taking me to complete certain steps in my character’s progression. If you want to do this more casually that is fine as well it will still work. Though I did not play the game hardcore I didn’t casually progress, I was always trying to stay on track for the most part, so you may have a different end result in terms of time.

It is highly suggested that whenever you know you will be occupied for an hour or so, but still near the computer, that you gather from nodes whether it be woodcutting or mining (herbing not suggested for the time being). The wood and the stone / ore attained from this will be very useful for when you need to start using plate and scale armor, as well as using rank 40 and 50 two handed weapons. Though you may only mine 100 or so iron ore in a day or two, it will start to add up and when you need somebody to craft you armor you will be happy that you spent the time to attain the materials.

Day 1 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Begin by doing the goblin quests (kill 4, loot 4 axes). Start the kobold quest (found at the racial capital, and given from anarchist). Head to the nearest npc city to kobolds. Farm some reagent-rich lowbie-mobs for transfers and spells if you get bored of farming kobolds, or don’t have enough gold to buy reagents. You can also visit the dungeon located in the racial capital city. Save the carrots, onions, and potatoes that you loot from the dungeon, do not eat it because it is sought after by many cooks on Agon.

Day 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Work on kobold quest. Buy Greater Magic, Witchcraft, Earth Magic, and Spell chanting as they become unlocked. Possibly finish Kobold quest, and farm some reagent-rich lowbie-mobs for transfers and spells. The agenda will mostly be the same sort of things being repeated for the next few days.

Day 3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Try to finish up kobold quest. Turn in any selentine keys you have, sell them if you don't want to waste the time or you have too many. Farm some reagent-rich lowbie-mobs for transfers and spells. You will need an ample amount of reagents.

Day 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Turn in Kobold Quest, if you have not yet finished it then try to get it done soon. Head to the nearest Hobgoblin grunt spawn. If you cannot find one, then try to find a similar mob. Continue to level up greater magic, spell chanting, and witchcraft. Farm the Hobgoblin spawn until your Archery and two handed weapon skills are at 50. Farm some reagent-rich mobs for transfers and spells. By this time you should have a descent flow of reagents.

Day 5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Finish up any of the above goals that have not yet been reached, and farm some reagent-rich mobs for transfers and spells if you're caught up. Make sure you have an ample amount of gold and arrows for the next steps in progression. 

Day 6 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Finish up any of the above goals that have not yet been reached, and farm some reagent-rich mobs for transfers and spells if you're caught up.
At this point you should have roughly 10-20 earthmagic, 30 spell chanting, ~60 greatermagic, and around 35-45 witchcraft. Don't worry if you’re a bit off on any of these, you will be able to level them more when you begin archery. If you want to level them before hand, use any self-casts and buff others on fellow players, in order to level up your magic skills.

If you have more than 3,000 gold at this point, throw a thousand or two into meditation. Priority: Quickness (40), Vitality (40), Strength (40) Start saving a chunk of gold for meditation. Don’t worry if you still can't afford it at this point. Also, if you think you are falling behind in terms of your magic skill ups, then meditate some of those up instead of your attributes, you will have plenty of time to level those up once you start getting a steady flow of gold as income.

Meditation is imperative for a new player and or character. However I would not suggest you start to use meditation until you have a nice flow of gold income, which will usually occur once you start leveling up your archery and melee skills.
In my opinion, once you have Lesser Magic to 100, Greater Magic to 100, Earth Magic to 50 (unless you’re a destroyer), Witchcraft to 75, and spell chanting to 30 I would suggest you meditate your attributes next. What I did is I started out by meditating Quickness to 50, and then I did the same for Vitality, Strength, Intelligence, and Wisdom in that order. If you get to this point it would probably be a good idea to start meditating quickness and vitality up even higher.

At this point in progression I had also picked up air and fire magic for their buffs from level 1. The buffs are Dexterity and quickness, and it helps alot while farming.
There are a few different ways to level up your archery to 75, but let’s just focus on two for now. The first method is the most profitable but takes a little bit longer. This would involve farming a plethora of different mobs, so it is really up to you as to what you want to farm. Some examples of these mobs would be cave trolls, oathbounds, Hobgoblin vets / grunts, bonecrew, malaut beguilers/acolytes ect. This takes a little bit longer but you get a nice amount of gold and reagents (as well as a chance at some veilron keys). 

The second method is used purely for skill gains, and while it takes a shorter amount of time, you will not be gaining skills in anything else besides your transfers and self heal. What you do is you find a Crog spawn, or elemental spawn, and just start firing at it for a few hours (don’t kill it, and if you manage to get it low just heal it back up unless you don’t care waiting for the respawn. I would have to guess that this would take around 5 hours roughly. It definitely gets the job done faster but if you want to start meditating sooner I wouldn’t recommend it (it also drains your regs and arrows, without return of gold). 

Leveling Archery up will take anywhere from one day to three days, possibly even up to five, depending on your amount of activity and which method you choose to use. Don’t forget to pick up veteran archery at 50, and spirited archery and sharpshooter at 75. If you chose Method Two then try to level up your Magic skills up a little bit more until you move on to melee.

Start to level your spirited archery and sharpshooter up to around 50. If you are killing the mobs too easily, I suggest that you pick a harder mob with better loot as well. By the time you are at this step you should be fine in terms of keeping up your meditation funds. I used a spawn of Gray Orks to skill up my archery skills, and they dropped a nice amount of both mats and gold as well as some runestones and veilron keys.

As with Archery, there are two methods for leveling melee. The first method is the profitable one, and involves killing medium / tough lowbie mobs. These mobs are a wide range, including Svartvergir summoners, initiates, nightaxes, Malaut Beguilers, Oathbounds, Bonecrew, Undead Dwarfs, ect. You will receive a lot of gold as well as regs and veilron keys. When you chose to go with this method I highly suggest that you start using rank 50 melee weapons, as these mobs are a bit more difficult.

The second method involves taking a rank zero and killing lowbie mobs, such as Trolls or Hivekin. Probably the most popular spawn to farm for this method is the dungeons under the capital cities. It is important to note that if you do choose to farm in the dungeon, keep all of the onions, carrots, and potatoes that you receive, and do not eat them. They are sought after by developed characters for cooking recipes and you will receive a very nice amount of gold if you save them all up and sell them to someone.

After you have gotten your melee to 75 you will unlock your mastery, and you should have a frequent amount of gold income, meaning you will easily be able to upkeep your meditation points. If you are having trouble getting gold start to farm more rewarding loot, and gather from timber, stone, and metal nodes more often when you are occupied yet still around the computer.

Once you have your mastery unlocked I would suggest you level your melee mastery up to 25, and farm harder mobs, such as Svartvergir, Varangian, and Beastman spawns.

Once your melee mastery has reached level 25, I would suggest fighting Menhir or another mob that drops a very good amount of gold. Do this until your mastery is around 50. By this point there will be no possible way that you will not be able to keep up your meditation points (unless you’re buying hookers). 

At this point you will be at a perfect vantage to go Destroyer, stay hybrid, or turn into a mage. Thought you still have a lot of progression to do you will now have more freedoms to do more things. You will also be able to contribute to your clan and pvp groups, instead of running around not being able to do anything and flailing your weapon with 45 skill. You will be able to enjoy the game more when you don’t have to worry as much about leveling your stats. Once you’re done with all of these steps and you might be wondering what to do next, I would suggest you meditate your attributes more. Get your attribute to around 80, Quickness and Vitality first. I would also suggest that you skill up your rigor and other defensive skills, so that you won’t die as easily in pvp situations and group fights, making you a better asset to your clan or group for pvp.

Lord Zanuul: Consultant
Iona Leafblade: Consultant
Anybody else that has already covered certain things that I talked about in this guide.

Very Useful Resource Links!!

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TatsuoKuro’s “How to increase FPS”

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