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Crafting in New World
When you arrive at Aeternum, you will immediately face challenges to overcome. You will assess your surrounding, find resources to harvest and gather, and begin crafting tools to ensure your survival. Trading and crafting skills in New World are powerful tools and progress endlessly.Read more 


Character Progression
To survive and thrive in New World you will need to overcome many challenges, learning new skills and abilities as you adventure forward. Characters progress across three major categories: Core Attributes, Trade Skills, and Weapon Mastery.Read more 


Items in New World
Throughout your adventure in Aeternum, you will get your hands on a wide variety of items. You will collect consumables such as food, drinks, potions, weapon coatings and tinctures as well as armor and weapons.Read more 


Arenas of the Ancient Guardians
On your adventures and trials in Aeternum, you’ll stumble upon mysterious and timeworn structures. Clearly constructs of the Ancients, the true purpose of these Arenas has been lost to time. Through unknown magic and ritual, the Ancients were able to bend the laws of Aeternum and bind some of its most powerful denizens within these structures.Read more 


Fight the World: War
Aeternum is a place of struggle. Not only will you have to contend with the forces of Corruption, but you must also protect yourself from other players.Read more 


Release Date Update
We have made the hard decision to delay the release of New World until August 25, 2020 and the start of Closed Beta to July.Read more 


Fight the World: Invasions
Aeternum is a mysterious and hostile land where you will fight to get a foothold and must be ready to defend it from invading forces... human and supernatural. In New World, when the forces of Corruption have amassed enough strength in a Territory, they lay siege to the Fort. This is called an Invasion.Read more 


March to Battle: Corrupted Breaches
Aeternum is a land of immense beauty and endless wonder that The Corrupted seek to stain and dominate with their vile presence. Taking what was once serene and peaceful and twisting it to their will.Read more 


Letter to the Community
We’ve been live with our latest Alpha for over a month now and it feels like the right time to send a letter to the community. We’ve learned a lot and we wanted to take a moment to update you on the state of New World’s Alpha and give you some insight to our future plans.Read more 

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Saga Of Lucimia

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What is the Saga of Lucimia?

The Saga of Lucimia is a group-based, high-fantasy MMORPG. It combines rich storylines with elements of classic tabletop RPGs and the earlier forms of dungeon-based, community-oriented MMORPGs. Think early EverQuest, early EverQuest II (prior to the combat revamp), or vanilla World of Warcraft.

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What do you mean when you say group-based?

Think about Dungeons & Dragons or any tabletop setting; the vast majority of sessions aren’t just one person sitting at a table with a Dungeon Master. Rather, the most fun is had when you are sitting around with a group of friends sharing in adventures together over sessions that last several hours and span the course of weeks, months, and even years as you and your partners embody the heroes that undertake epic adventure after epic adventure in the worlds they inhabit.

Ours is a team-based MMORPG where the best rewards in terms of adventure, storyline and gear, come from overcoming challenging content that is experienced with a team of your best friends and allies by your side. We are, in every literal sense, a tabletop game with a digital skin.

What size will groups be?

We are focusing on an 8-man party system. Small group content is designed for 2-4 players, with medium-sized content spread out across the overland for groups of 4-6 players. Well-geared and skilled players may be able to solo some content, but only in the areas close by outposts and cities; dungeons will require full groups to work through. Other encounters will require raid forces.

What size will raids groups be?

While nothing is set in stone at this point, we anticipate x2 and x3 raid raid content (16 players and 24 players, respectively).

What do you mean, “challenge-based”?

Challenge means different things to different people. For us, it starts with group-based content.

If you make the decision to leave the safety of town and its guards, it’s not a decision you should be making lightly. While there are little things you can do on your own just outside of outposts and cities in micro-sessions of 30 minutes to 1.5 hours (gather pelts and harvesting supplies, take on small bandit outposts, etc.), the further you go afield, the less civilized the world is, and the more dangerous things become.

Think early EverQuest. You can head out on your own, harvest a few things, craft a bit, kill a few mobs close to town within the safety of the guards, but if you want to hit up Orc Hill you’ll need 3-4 other players, and if you want to head into Crushbone and handle the Throne Room, you’ll need a full group.

You need a well-balanced group of adventurers to handle whatever you might come across in the wild. You need gear. You need supplies. Bandages. Potions. Scrolls. A pack mule. Rope. Never leave home without a good length of rope.

Each session is an excursion, not an afternoon stroll down to the river to pick daffodils for your sweetheart or mum.

What is the story of the game?

The Saga of Lucimia is based on a tabletop campaign world which creative director Tim Anderson created in the late 90s and enhanced and DMed for more than a decade. Check out the lore page, and read the first novel in the series, Echoes of the Pastfor more information.

What about classes?

The Saga of Lucimia features an ability-based adventuring system.  Players have the option to choose their own combination of Masteries (groupings of abilities) at character creation (as well as uncover more throughout exploring the world around them), thus creating a completely unique, class-less character based upon the concept they choose to pursue.

Only a handful of Masteries are available at character creation. If you want to truly become a force to be reckoned with, you’ll have to find the rest of the Masteries and abilities available in the game world via exploration. Some can be found on advanced trainers in the darkest corners of the world. Others will be found in the depths of dungeons, looted from the most challenging of boss mobs and raid encounters. Others still can only be earned through completing questlines, while others still will require you to have the proper faction in order to aquire.

The only limitation on what type of character you can create is you and your imagination!

Will there be PVP?

No. We are a purely PvE title.

Will there be crafting?

Yes. There will be solo crafting and group crafting, as well as solo and group harvesting. Note that the crafting system will be evolving over time, with many enhancements coming post-launch.

Will there be housing?

Yes. There will be a mixture of player-built and rentable housing. However, please note that player-built housing is not planned for launch; it will be rolled out post-release.

What can I do in the game?

The Saga of Lucimia is first and foremost a tabletop game set in an online environment, which means there is an underlying storyline that accompanies each Volume of the game. Players have the option of following this primary storyline through quests laid out over the course of the game, as well as pursuing content across the entirety of the continent of Lucimia in a true sandbox-style environment.

Players can also specialize in a wide variety of combat and non-combat abilities provided by our robust Mastery and Crafting systems.

Bearing in mind that we are building a sandbox-style game, there will still be theme park elements of the game in the sense that certain questlines will have a pre-determined point A and point B. However, there will be zero quest hubs, nor will you be required to follow a specific series of quests to gain experience points and level your character. In fact, since our game doesn’t have experience points, players complete quests not for leveling, but for lore and gear, along with faction, quest items, unlocks of other zones, language unlocks, and beyond.

However you choose to play the game is how you grow your character and immerse yourself in our world.

It’s important to note that since we have zero quest hubs, and the quests that exist are 100% optional, how you choose to play the game and experience our world is entirely up to you and your friends.

Want to be explorers, crafters, or merchants who caravan goods from city to city and outpost to outpost? Go for it! Want to follow the main storyline and partake in the lore of the world? Go for it!

Sandbox = your decision.

When will Saga of Lucimia be available?

Games and MMORPGs of the size we are building typically take between anywere from six to nine years to develop.

The project started as an idea in early 2014. Our programming began in earnest in mid-2015.

We have the benefit of being self-published, which means we aren’t working against any timeline other than our own, which is currently targeting a Q4 2021 launch window.

Barring any unforseen complexities, of course. And with the understanding that there could always be a delayed launch.

What platforms will Saga of Lucimia be available on?

Windows, Mac, and Linux are planned for launch. Console ports and mobile version are things we may consider post-launch, if the demand is there.

Will the game be free to play, or buy to play?

Our primary objective is to be a buy-to-play, subscription-based game. However, there are many factors that will decide if we stick with this option, use tiered subscriptions, or elect a hybrid model like buy-to-play with an optional subscription (like ESO).

In early 2020 we had an open discussion with our community on subscription pricing and various options, from sub-only, to tiered subs, to hybrids like ESO/LOTRO/SWTOR/EQ2/etc. You can view the discussion on our forums, as well as watch the video overview here.

The most important thing is to understand that we haven’t settled on a definitive plan yet, but we are heavily leaning towards subscription-only. We have built our reputation up since 2014 as being an honest and transparent company with our community, and we will continue to have deep discussions on this topic with our fans leading up to the launch to find the best solution for our company and our community.



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